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New Addition to CHS Automation CNC Precision Machining Area

New Addition to CHS Automation CNC Precision Machining Area

Jun 30 2015

CHS Automation is proud to present our latest addition to our CNC precision machining area, the Fadal VMC-8030B. The VMC-8030B vertical machining center is located at CHS Plant 1 and specializes in the processing of larger parts and heavy metal removal. The machine is designed to provide high rates of material removal and reduced part cycle times as well as maintaining increased positioning accuracy and repeatability.

The new machine complements our existing lineup of in-house Fadal CNC machining centers and with the larger capacity of the new VMC-8030B, it greatly reduces the set up time of large work pieces. By adding additional capacity, it helps to decrease delivery times and get the finished end pieces onto the production floor in a timelier manner. 

For more information about Fadal equipment, please visit http://www.fadal.com

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