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CHS Automation Linear Scrap-Parts Transporters


The GSW Powerspeed (PS) Series provide an exceptional pneumatic solution for efficiently removing scrap and parts from dies and comes in five convenient sizes. The PS-20 can move approximately 13 Lbs., the PS-30 up to 66 Lbs., and the PS-40 up to 88 Lbs. For the Multi tray systems, the PS-60 up to132 Lbs. with 3 trays and the PS-100 up to 220 Lbs. and multiple trays. The number of trays may vary depending on the overall dimensions, weights, resistance, type of system and type of scrap, etc. 
The Powerspeed units function with different speeds in the forward and reverse stroke. The unit will run slower in the direction of scrap removal, and faster in the opposite direction (similar to a table cloth being pulled out from under a table setting). Thus the material moves down the tray.
The GSW Powerspeed units were designed in Germany and have been used successfully world wide for over 15 years. All PS parts are received, assembled, tested and serviced in the USA by CHS Automation located in Roseville, Michigan. CHS Automation handles all service, sales and distribution for the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada. Contact CHS by phone at (586) 777-7440, fax (586) 777-4663, or by email at sales@chsautomation.com. All parts for the single tray and the Multi Tray System are available thru CHS Automation. Contact your local Rep or call for more information.


Economical: Low cost way to solve your scrap and part handling problems.

Air Operated:   No oily belts, springs, rollers or motors to replace.

Low Maintenance: Reduced down time.

Easy to install: Bolster mounted with quick mounting tray removal system.

Five sizes: PS units available to move small parts to scrap weighing approximately 220 lbs.*

Trays: Standard or custom trays featuring dimpled stainless steel construction. Trays can be up to 150 long and 60 wide or designed to fit between parallels. Trays mount easily to an extruded aluminum support bar (if applicable) and are easily removed. Trays are designed to meet your needs and can be made with brushes, angled inside the trays, slottedmulti exits, step-down, holes, tubular or angled. Pre-painted parts …no problem.

Quiet: Only 50 db (A)

Speed Adjusted: By hand, no tools necessary. Adjustment located at rear of unit.

Power Adjusted: Adjustment located on side of unit.

Mounting Plate: Removable and designed for especially narrow tool channels.

Hard Coated Body: PS unit have durable exterior with low profile design.

Linear Ball Bearings: Transport slides mounted in four (4) recalculating linear ball guides. There are no lateral forces on the piston since the forces are absorbed by the linear bearing.

Seals:                               Self adjusting seals (seals and repair kits available for fast, dependable maintenance).

Contamination: Stainless Steel trays resist contamination and help protect POWERSPEED unit

Off Center Loading: Now possible by use of new linear bearing design.

Repair: All repairs are made at CHS Automation located in Roseville, Michigan.  

Warranty: Limited one year warranty on POWERSPEED units under normal operating conditions. 
A Filter-Lubricator-Regulator must be properly installed and used with air tool oil.

Technical Information:


Multi-tray Linear Transporter from CHS Automation & Pneumatic Feed on Vimeo.


Heavy Parts Transport from CHS Automation & Pneumatic Feed on Vimeo.


Light Parts Transport from CHS Automation & Pneumatic Feed on Vimeo.


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