An air conditioning manufacturer has recently upgraded and installed a modern 60” wide complete coil feed line from CHS Automation. The manufacturer needed more accuracy and precision to better meet their coil handling needs for longer part progressions and better surface quality when running different types of materials on the same system.  They achieved this with an advanced system from CHS Automation.

The lines are 15,000Lbs. x .080” x 60” wide capacity that comprise of three complete systems overall installed between 2016 and 2017. The line is equipped with a special 9-roll straightener with the “High Lift/Alligator” cleaning feature. This allows operators to quickly clean the straightener rolls when changing over between material types such as galvanized to stainless steel. The feed line is also equipped with a special “Smart Sync” loop control system from CHS that allows for long 54” feed progressions with no looping pit.

The fully loaded coil feed line was upgraded and equipped with options including:

  • Laser coil centering
  • Hands-free peeling and threading
  • CHS Design “High-Lift” head for ease of roll cleaning
  • 9-roll powered straightener for improved flatness
  • Fully automated Allen Bradley control system featuring job recall and storage
  • Programmable loop depth and “Smart Sync” loop control system designed by CHS

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