Diemasters Inc. located in Elk Grove Village, IL is known for high volume, high precision stamping work. Nidec Press & Automation was awarded this project to supply a turn-key fully integrated system for an increase in volume and a new customer platform at this facility. Paired to a Minster E2H-350 “Hevistamper” Press; is the latest offer in technology from Nidec – CHS. This press line is complete with a 10,000lb Coil reel and Loading Car, and a new, special straightener designed by CHS. This special PS-300-9-36 Straightener has been redesign to meet the wide range of materials for today’s modern stamper. This machine features 3.00” diameter rolls on tight centers, back up support rolls to prevent deflection when running narrow or high tensile materials, and a special “High Lift” cleaning head. The cleaning head was a  feature required by  Diemasters as the product mix is a very wide range of materials ranging from copper, CRS, stainless, and HSLA materials. The Nidec-CHS PS-300-9 is capable of material processing up to 670 MPa (100,000 PSI)! Finishing off the system and serving up the material to the press is the MX-4500 series high-speed roll feed equipped with Allen Bradley controls. In addition, the feedline is fully integrated into the Minster PMC (Production Management Control ) at a high level, allowing a single point of user set up and monitoring for the press and feedline combined.

This fully loaded Coil Feed Line was upgraded and equipped with many options including:

  • Intelligent loop control and line speed monitoring
  • STO, SLS, & SOS enhanced servo feed drive safety features
  • End of stock detector for automatic shut-off
  • Hands-free threading
  • High lift straightener opening
  • Single screen feedline and press controls