Issues Solved

  • Full control of upper roll downward pressure for a wide range of materials.
  • Fully programmable roll lift height over material thickness.
  • Parameters saved and recalled in the control system per job.
  • 5 Millisecond response time eliminates compensation for lag in pneumatic systems.

US PATENT 10, 118, 785 B2

Features & Benefits

  1. Upper feed roll is opened and closed via servo driven cam assembly in lieu of pneumatic cylinders.
  2. Constant roll gripping pressure is provided by bladder style air bags.
  3. Counterbalanced upper feed roll which provides zero roll weight ratio when running thin or aluminum materials.
  4. Intuitive controls that mimic traditional pilot release programming for operator set up.
  5. Job recall for quick job / die change over.
  6. Improved pitch control contribution to better part quality and tool life.
  7. Assembly is built from low maintenance components.

APX Series Servo Pilot vs Pneumatic Response Time

To demonstrate the efficiency of the servo driven pilot release, we compared the APX to traditional pneumatic pilot at 30 and 90 SPM with a die pilot degree angle of 135 On – 225 Off. Regardless of the SPM increase with APX at 5 ms and pneumatic at 100 ms, APX performance remains consistent and unmatched in performance.

Control & Fluid Power Technologies

  • CHS – Advanced Control System Platforms
  • Hi Quality Component Partners
  • Intuitive Operator HMI And Consoles
  • Smart Technology Connectivity, I/O
  • Optional- Integrated Safety STO, SLS
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Our industry has drastically changed over the past few years. This is mostly related to new steels that have been created to help take weight out of automobiles to help increase gas mileage, among other innovations. As a result, knowing the technical terms associated with these advancements has become increasingly difficult.

Here are just a few examples of technical keywords associated with these advancements:

1200 MPa

80 KSI Yield

100,000 PSI




Servo Press

Pendulum Mode

...and More

With this in mind, it's more difficult than ever to keep up with the physics and design requirements needed to process these types of materials reliably. If the following words are foreign to you, let's talk. We'll gladly help figure out exactly what sort of machinery you require for your job.

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